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Educating our staff and other healthcare professionals is vital. We have to support a competent workforce within LWCN as well as raise awareness of lymphoedema and chronic oedema and the importance of a proactive value-based approach to lymphoedema within Wales amongst the wider NHS workforce.

Our Education Strategy incorporates a vision for teaching and learning, as well as capturing and reflecting on the learner’s experience, at a time of rapid change and complexity within the NHS. Providing Value-Based Health Care is vital and we facilitate this through embedding a culture of lifelong learning and development.

LWCN will deliver evidence based accredited education and compassionate leadership training for all learners. We aim to:

  • Expand learning opportunities through a range of learning materials
  • Create and maintain a competent workforce within LWCN
  • Provide a learning environment that stimulates curiosity and reflection

For patients and their families, education is key to enable people living with or at risk of developing lymphoedema/ chronic oedema (and those helping them to manage their condition) to identify early, to self-manage or to adopt the most appropriate treatment.

We also work closely with HEIW and with pre and post graduate students across Wales to ensure that lymphoedema awareness and management is further embedded across a range of health care programmes and professions.