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LWCN Programme Board

The LWCN Programme Board has a key role in supporting the Clinical Director in making decisions and providing both challenge and approval on issues affecting the progress of the LWCN Programme.  The Programme Board ensures a collaborative approach to Lymphoedema service delivery across Wales to sustain an environment that supports equitable Lymphoedema care.  The Programme Board meets quarterly, provides assurance to the LWCN Strategy Board of benefits realised and is accountable to Welsh Government.

Membership includes senior managers who have an interest in the LWCN Programme.  It is chaired by Adele Cahill, Associate Director, Value Based Health Care, Aneurin Bevan and includes the following representation:

Clinical Director, LWCN

National Lymphoedema Education and Research Lead, LWCN

Programme Management Office, LWCN

Patient Representatives

Finance Delivery Unit

Digital Health and Care Wales

Therapies Representative

Primary Care Representative

Corporate Governance

Health Education Inspectorate Wales

Surgical Materials Testing Laboratory

Transformation Representative

Value Based Health Care


Children and Young People

Senior Management Representation 7 Health Boards.