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National Children and Young People Programme (NLCYP)

Within each Health Board Lymphoedema Service there is a designated Children and Young People’s (CYP) clinician, supported by our National CYP Team (a Clinical Lead and a Lymphoedema Specialist). Co-production and patient-centred care is central to our approach to treatment and the expert advice we give to patients and their families.

CYP Patient Lymphoedema Adventure Wales

What do we do?

  • Work with patients and their families to ensure that they understand lymphoedema;
  • Use recognised tools to assess and understand the physical, social and psychological impact that lymphoedema may have;
  • Empower, enable and support self-management strategies that can be adapted to fit in with day-to-day activities, aiming to manage or reduce swelling and reduce the risks of developing cellulitis;
  • Provide opportunities for peer support and inclusion through events, activity days and stakeholder events;
  • Deliver accredited learning and informal training sessions for other professionals that work with children in paediatric services and education setting;
  • Instigate and take part in national and international lymphoedema research projects specific to this age group;
  • Promote our Service and findings internationally using podcasts and webinars.

CYP Patient Lymphoedema Adventure Wales Spinning Plates Bouncing on a bouncy castle at lymphoedema adventure wales day