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Psychology Programme

This is a new programme of work commencing in 2023. A new Lymphoedema Consultant Psychologist has been appointed to ultimately enable people to access the psychological support they need to live productive lives and upskill the current lymphoedema workforce. Lymphoedema can cause lifelong body deformity, pain and have significant impact on daily functioning. Currently in Wales 9% of the population have depression or anxiety, and 20% of women and 13% of men have a mental health disorder, this proportion is expected to be higher in the lymphoedema population. The amount of psychological concerns experienced by a person with lymphoedema varies greatly. As with other illnesses it depends on the persons coping skills and extent of lymphoedema and how the initial diagnosis was managed. Providing psychological support to patients identified as requiring extra support will promote self-management. It will increase the patients’ ability to cope with a visible chronic condition, learn techniques which can alleviate emotional distress and promote good mental health for their future.

The new service will include

  • Dedicated high intensity psychological support in Lymphoedema Services throughout Wales for those patients (young and old) who require urgent and ongoing support, which can be face to face or virtual clinics
  • Clear pathways enabling those patients requiring urgent support seen in a timely way
  • Creating group sessions for our patients to manage their mental health and live well
  • Upskilling the existing LW workforce to support patients with low intensity interventions
  • Working with academic establishments in safe guarding the psychology workforce for the future